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Catch Up & Keep Up

Some dogs may have missed out on puppy training classes or simply need to brush up on some foundation skills.

Step up training classes are for dogs 6 months and UP. They are ideal for recently rescued dogs, teen dogs who need help with training around distractions, confidence building and self control.

The courses are run by Zara Lipsett, Trainer & Behaviourist, and all courses use positive & force - free training methods. Meaning your dog can learn without fear! 


Supportive Coaching

Training to help you and your dog learn is non judgemental and supportive. Where needed tasks are tailored to the pups current skillset and how they can best progress.

Classes have only 4 dogs in- this ensures you and your pup get plenty of individual attention and fewer distractions.

Reduced numbers helps your dog learn tasks quicker without overwhelm or over excitement. 


Modern & Effective Training Techniques

Zara uses modern and force free training techniques to get the best out of your dog. 

Modern positive training will teach your dog recall, lead manners, self control and more without stress. 

This will create a happier, more relaxed and confident companion as they mature into adults.


Weekly Follow Up

Each week you get emails for each class. This includes brief notes, sheets with various levels to progress a task and videos. 

This means you can keep up learning at home even if you might have forgotten something or a family member couldn't make it.

This helps keep everyone on the same page making for more consistency and results for your dog.


What is covered in the classes?

Classes cover the skills needed to enjoy a happy life with your dog. 

  • Recall

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Basic Commands

  • Self Control

  • Manners with People

  • Confidence

Why Group Classes?

Group classes are a great way to commit to training and get support through the process.

For many dogs being in a group setting is a fab opportunity to learn how to train around distractions. 

Only having 4 dogs per class ensures that there is not *too* much distractions meaning your dog can learn well and so can everyone attending.

Group sessions are often a more affordable way to get consistent focussed regular training, particularly where a dog needs a brush up in a few different areas.

What is Included?

Each class includes explanations for a task, individual attention and q&A on the tasks and games.

Weekly sheets and videos are sent out in addition to this.


Class List

Tuesday 21st June at 6.30pm
Jubilee Halls, Lamb Gardens, Lincoln, LN2 4EH
6 week course covering life skills
Each Class 1 hour Long
Places Available 4
Price: £125

To book your place with your dog, please email Zara at using the title "Step Up Classes"


I was a bit apprehensive about training with my anxious dog, but he loved these training sessions. (Step up classes).
Zara really knows her stuff and how to treat all the different characters in the class.
The sessions were informative and research based, and good fun.
Zara never made me feel inadequate and was very good at explaining how to do all the different aspects of the training.
I'll definitely be attending more classes in the future.

Angela Hebden