Puppy Socialisation - Myths!

Socialisation is something I am asked about often.

I am asked about group play sessions, meeting other dogs and more.

Most adult or teenage dogs I have worked with have developed issues surrounding socialisation…

But its RARELY a lack of meeting dogs that has caused it...in fact its the opposite!

Myth“My puppy needs to play offlead with other puppies”

It's cute to see pups run round together, but it does need to be carefully supervised. This is because pups are not the best teachers for each other. Guidance from a calm adult dog is much better.

Offlead “puppy parties” can actually cause more issues as some pups will learn more value in each other, or learn to be worried by other dogs.

Myth“My puppy needs to meet lots of new dogs onlead”

Most dogs onlead are happy enjoying their walk with their owner. Many adult dogs are not keen on small bitey pups!

Socialisation is about learning things going on around them are good, but not a big deal.

Other dogs and people won’t make up a huge part of socialisation. In fact, a good socialisation plan should build on:

Confidence about noises Travel in the car Confidence about being handled Confidence around traffic Walking on different surfaces Seeing different sights at the right kind of distance Body awareness and confidence Engagement with their owner Myth. "All puppies will want to be friends with new dogs and people" All dogs are different. We have a romanticized idea that dogs are all bouncy, sociable dogs, or there is something wrong. However many breeds are described as "shy" "aloof" and more. Many individuals are not as sociable as others, and that is who they are. Like every person is different every dog will have a different idea of what they enjoy in terms of new people and dogs.

Engagement and positive training with your puppy is crucial. As your puppy will learn that you are helpful and to be trusted, which will build their confidence in the world- as you are with them!

Having security and confidence with you will help your puppy no end!

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