Is he a rescue then?

"Is he a rescue then?" We need to let go of this notion, that the only way a dog should have any behaviour quirks or struggles must be because they are a rescue. The assumption is often that these dogs issues are developed because someone failed them. A client once asked me if Arkle is a rescue. They asked me this because he is an anxious dog. I know many owners of anxious and reactive dogs get this alot. And it's unintentionally hurtful.

No one has failed these dogs. Emotional behaviour issues in dogs aren't due to a lack of training. It's so much more complex than that. Genetics make a big difference. So does that early socialisation- that period before your puppy even comes home. This can shape a pups foundations hugely. Owners of reactive or stressed dogs are doing their best. Asking them if their dog is a rescue and then assuming they're a bad owner because they've had their dog from a puppy makes it harder. We are all doing our best and judgement can add to high levels of guilt we as owners of reactive or nervous dogs are likely already feeling. I know most people mean no harm with this question, so this isn't me being critical. I'm just putting it out there- It's NOT all how you raise them.

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