Wagging Wonders uses modern training techniques. Meaning that while we will directly tackle and address the issues your dog is having, we will also help your dog learn key concepts as well as looking at the wider picture of your dogs behaviour.

For example a dog who pulls on the lead. 

Zara will work with you and your dog loose lead walking skills. We will also teach your dog skills of self-control, disengagement, and thinking when excited. These skills will help reduce your dog's pulling on lead also.

Along with this looking at your dogs breed, opportunities for outlets for behaviours and how we can make life more enjoyable for both you and your dog to help achieve meaningful behaviour change.

Wagging Wonders uses modern, force free dog training. What does this mean? 

-Wagging Wonders will NOT use aversives. This is physical or verbal punishment. Studies show modern positive training is more effective with less negative side effects compared to old fashioned dominance style training. 

-Wagging Wonders will use positive rewards for your dog. This will include, food, toys or games. Training should be fun for you both. 

-Wagging Wonders will NOT judge you or your dog. A trainers job is not to judge, but to support you and your dog as you seek to help your dog. 

-Wagging Wonders WILL support both you and your dog. It is important that training incorporates techniques and styles that you can use in your life. You and your dog are a team so I will ensure you BOTH feel supported. 

Zara will work with you and your dog as a team to create long term behaviour change, looking at the whole dog to teach concepts and skills for life.