For some dogs classes won't be suitable or won't meet their needs.

Therefore 121 training is available for those dogs. In 121 Consults we are able to work directly on the issues you and your dog are having. 

Zara uses modern, force free training to train dogs. Working with owners to teach them how to read and train their dogs to ensure communication and overall enjoyment of each others company is improved.

These sessions are ideal for dogs with reactivity issues, lead walking or recall problems, and more. These can be perfect for recently rescued dogs.

Zara works with indoor 121's exclusively to Lincoln / Uphill Lincoln area. 
(Glebe park, carlton centre, uphill lincoln, carholme road area, St giles, ermine, St Georges and Monks Road)

On Many occasions Zara will suggest an initial consultation via Zoom. This is because this often easy to schedule- meaning you and your dog can get help FAST. With no big waiting lists. It also means your dog is not stressed out and I can see your dogs behaviour in the home without the novelty of a new person.

This is perfect for Separation Anxiety Cases and Reactivity Cases. Both of these are often theory heavy in session one, meaning that we are going to chat a lot to get to the bottom of WHY your dog is reacting.

You will receive a plan, video guides, sheets and notes following your session. And don't worry about between sessions as Zara offers support between sessions via Email/ Whatsapp. 

A follow up session is then done in a location around Lincoln that suits your dog best with the goal for you AND your dog to succeed.

Zara works with positive coaching to help you achieve your goals with your dogs and support you when you may be stressed. Training is not judgemental and instead motivational.

Price List:

In Person - In Home Initial Consultation 
1-1.5 hours - £125 

Zoom Initial Consultation
1-1.5 hours - £60 

In Person Follow Up 121 Session
1 hour £55

Zoom Follow Up Session
1 hour £50

To Book or enquire please email waggingwonderslincoln@gmail.com