Wombles guide to living your best life

Sadly since my last blog about posting more on Womble and Ollie, we had to say goodbye to Womble on 8th August. Womble had a great 6 years with us, and 8 more before us.

Here is Womble’s guide to living your best life.

-Eat the food. Enjoy the food! All the food. It’s ace!
-Don’t EVER share the food. If anyone comes close, stand over the food and stiffen up. If that doesn’t work a quick growl should help them learn you mean it!
-Be enthusiastic! Walkies, Dinner, Kongs, Chews, anytime anyone gets up assume amazing things are happening!

-Be sure to get attention. As much as you can. All of it if possible.
-If you are in doubt you are not receiving it, a good dance and sing will swing it.
-Don’t let people play on their phones or computers too much. If they are nudge their hand. Be determined- you are worth the attention!!

-If it makes a sound- Bark at it. Not sure if it was a dream or real life? Bark anyway.
-Birds are excellent for chasing. Do it.
-Rabbits..see above.

-Water is good for wading in.
-Afterwards it helps create mud.
-Always roll in mud.
-Also always roll in bird poop.

-If you find a dead thing, and you can’t be sure if anyone knew it was dead already…”Double Dead” it. Simply bite it hard and fast and carry on as normal. Everyone will be impressed.
-If it is especially dead…roll in it.
-If it is moving…dead it.

-If you see something in the distance…run at it. Even if you realise its something pointless like a traffic cone. Commit to it.
-Whatever the weather a walk is perfect.
-Even if you feel ill, a walk is AMAZING.

-Whippets are easy to bounce on and grab. It is excellent fun.
-Doodles have lots of fur. Be sure to grab some as they fly by you.
-Puppies are the best, let them get away with murder.
-If they push it too far just slightly run towards them- they soon get it!

-Toys are good for shredding.
-If shredding gets boring, then de stuff.
-Don’t show regular interest in toys. They will keep buying more if you don’t.

-If someone looks sad lick their nose. They love it.
-If someone is crying nudge their face, remind them life is good as you are there!
-If someone is sleeping…stare at them until they wake.
-As soon as they wake crawl on your belly towards their face and nip the air.

-Swimming across the floor is good fun. People think it is hilarious.
-As is standing on objects, printers, computers.
-You might end up on all sorts of furniture. But its a great game.

-Dig. It is the best fun!
-Sunbathe- sometimes you need to relax!
-Bark at the postie. Even if you like them. It keeps them on their toes.
-Make sure the vet gets a few threats. Even if you don’t intend to follow through. As above.

-If you can’t get something accomplished, rope someone else in and let them take the blame.
-If it looks like someone else is struggling with a chew…be sure to help and take it off them. They won’t know it’s for their benefit…but it is!
-Backup friends. If they are barking, make sure they know you’ve got their back.

-Never come in from the garden when called. It is your job to patrol it!
-If people start to regularly offer sausage, begin to consider it.
-If you fall trying to sit on the sofa. Play it cool. No one will notice.

Enjoy every minute.
Don’t live with regrets.
Live life like a terrier.