Marley’s Monologues – Moving Day, New Names and Nightmare Nights

I had seen quite a few dogs go on their moving days. Usually as puppies. They all left and I was still here. I felt like I was going to be here forever, hearing the same sounds, and the same sights.

I was 9 months old when moving day happened. One of the men who feeds us came and put me in the van. I’d never been in a van before…it was bumpy and I’m sure I must have been in there a lifetime! I didn’t think I was getting out so got upset and I threw up quite a lot. I was a bit worried by what was going on and suddenly found myself in the mans arms somewhere new outside a front door.

I heard him tell them my name is “Marlon” and that i had another home beforehand but they didn’t “lead train” me. He said they always lead train their dogs. I’m not sure why he said that, I’d always lived in my kennel. At least I knew my kennel.

I was in this new house and there were a couple of people. They all left me to wander around. The garden was amazing! So big and exciting, I could faintly smell other dogs in the garden, but couldn’t find any. That was a relief, I like my own space! I paused and took in all these different and completely new smells.

In the house were alot of things I had never seen before. There was a comfy bed on the floor and a few toys, but foolishly I didn’t know their value at the time! In fact I wasn’t quite sure what anything was, I hadn’t even discovered the comforts of the sofa yet (Spoiler..I don’t sleep on dog beds anymore!)

I took myself to sleep on the comfy dog bed, it had been a long day after all. And I slept. The humans kept coming and going, but they let me get on with things. They stroked me now and then but I didn’t really understand. I kept my tail low to tell them I was a little unsure, they then carried on with their day.

It was nice to explore on my own. There were lots of weird noises, but I did like the humans. They kept offering me dried dog treats, they were ok… but I trained them better later on!

They kept saying “Marlon” but I still never did work out who Marlon was… They then decided Marley suited me better, I liked that! I’m definitely a Marley! They kept saying my name and giving me free food… Things were going well, I was training them with great skill!

The first day wasn’t very exciting, very confusing though. Then night time came, I was a bit puzzled, I was inside and I didn’t know what was going on. They put me behind a gate with my comfy bed and a few blankets and said “night”…

I started to panic. They disappeared. I liked the humans alot, and this scary room wasn’t my kennel. I cried. I howled and I got very upset. I didn’t know where they went. I didn’t want to be alone as I was confused! 

It was this moment I discovered I’m pretty agile, as I jumped the gate and began clawing at the living room door. I kept shouting that they’d left me, I could vaguely hear them say “But Monty wasn’t like this. He just needs to cry it out” 

I cried and I cried, as no one was listening. No one would help. I just wanted to know I was safe, why weren’t they with me? 

I learned another key skill on that first night… How to open doors… 😂

I ran up the weird stairs and found they were all upstairs. I slept on the landing in the end.

Within two nights I had snuck into a bedroom with my door clawing skills and was soon curled up on a bed- much more like it! They didn’t try that leaving Marley to cry it out alone nonsense for some time again. I felt a lot happier and more settled knowing I could get comfort when I needed it.