Reliable Recall

Teaching a reliable recall can be one of the most important skills that your dog learns! 

This course requires basic training, so if you have not completed any with us through classes or a 121, please take a look at our Creating the Connection course.

A 4 week course, consisting of 4 x 1 hour sessions packed full of games and training to get your dog to focus on you no matter what! Our training is designed to build a strong relationship with your dog and work with, not against, their natural instincts!

Teaching your dog recall in the following scenarios:

-Recall round other dogs.
-Recall running past other dogs.
-Recall past food.
-Recall from food.
-Recall from someone deliberately distracting your dog.
-Recall from toys.

Just a few of our recent Reliable Recall Graduates

Contact me through the following to enquire about Reliable Recall and Creating the Connection
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