Reactive Dogs

As the owner of reactive dogs myself, I am very passionate about the training of dogs who are reactive.

Reactive dogs are dogs who may bark, lunge, growl, snap or even bite when they are close to something that worries them, which could be anything from people, dogs, cyclists or more.

These dogs are not “bad” dogs, they are dogs who struggle to cope, usually because they are anxious or unable to control their emotions. They are dogs who need gentle guidance to learn that they can handle different situations, and that being around what worries them can result in good things.

Reactivity often begins when a dog has a bad experience, or when they become a teenager and the world seems a bit scarier. It is important we handle reactive dogs with patience and don’t try to use physical force or intimidation as this tends to escalate a reactive dogs reactions and anxieties.

Owning a reactive dog is hard work, it can be upsetting, embarrassing and can feel very isolating. This is why we work closely with you throughout offering solutions for you and your dog and offer membership to our exclusive facebook group for customers of ours with reactive dogs. 

When we work with reactive dogs we will start with a 121 Behaviour Consultation and then go on to build a plan going forward as to how we can work together to help you and your reactive dog. We offer multiple classes to help you, including Meetings with Manners and Life Skills for Reactivity.

There is no magic wand for reactivity, however by working together we will help to improve your dogs quality of life and your enjoyment walking them.