Puppy Training Tips

Puppies are a bundle of fun, but they can also be hard work!

The early foundations you lay with your puppy will set you up for life, we believe it is really important to start young with the right advice for your pups so below you can see some simple but effective tips to help you training your puppy!

-Never physically punish your puppy. Puppies don’t know right from wrong, they need gentle guidance to teach them what you do want from them and what is appropriate.

-Use treats to train your puppy. Using treats will teach your puppy what behaviour pays off! If you pay behaviours you like such as recall or walking nicely then your puppy will be far more likely to do that again next time!

-If your puppy is nipping, squealing or shouting is going to be more likely to excite them! Instead, try redirecting them onto a fun toy that you have to one side or out of reach. Toys that are not always available are always more fun! Showing them a fun toy they CAN chew on will help them learn what to grab when they are teething.

-Be careful not to over exercise your puppy. Puppies are still growing until they are 18 months old (depending on breed) and too much exercise can cause physical health issues later in life. The general rule of thumb is 5 minutes of exercise for each month of age of the puppy, twice a day.

-Did you know mental exercise will tire your puppy and help them sleep MORE than physical exercise? This is because exercise releases hormones that helps keep your puppy awake! Positive training games or enrichment toys such as Kongs, Licki Mats and treat balls will help your puppy sleep!

-Exercise is important to help build strong bones, so do be sure to take your puppy out for their walks. While they are young it is the perfect time to socialise them and teach them basic manners.

Don’t forget to socialise your puppy, check out our socialising page for more tips on this!