Puppy Problems

Puppies are hard work and can often present with a few problems for us as owners! They might be biting, growling, snapping, not settling, not liking their crate or even peeing everywhere!

Good puppy classes will help your puppy to develop key skills and learn great concepts, however, they will be unlikely to address these issues directly.
Pups can be stressful, so you often want to talk about their problems to resolve them very early on.

With restrictions due to Covid 19, I am unable to offer in home consultations. However, I can offer online consultations. These would run JUST like if I was in your home, but with everyone safe!

I am able to coach you and your puppy through training and talk about resolving problems your puppy may be having. This will be done via video call, which enables us to see each other and for me to see your puppy being trained and for me to show you techniques using one of my own dogs.

Why and When to book an online session?

-Online sessions are convenient, and not weather dependent! They can be booked at a time to suit you and your family.

-They are PERFECT for common Puppy Problems. Often we need to tweak things a little, and this is achieved easily over a video call.

-They are lower priced than an in person session! And can be even reduced further if you also book a Puppy Course.

-There is greater availability for these sessions, often available on weekday evenings and weekends.

-It is advisable to book an online session when your puppy starts to show problems, it rarely gets better without a plan!

-You can even book a Pre Puppy Online session , this will ensure you are prepared for any potential puppy problems and set your puppy up for success right from the beginning! It will include house training, 7 night plan for puppy to get used to being alone, crate training, enrichment, feeding guides and more!

An online Pre Puppy or Puppy Problems session is £25, OR £20 when booked in with a puppy class.

To Discuss your puppy or to book a Pre Puppy or Puppy Problems session, email me at waggingwonderslincoln@gmail.com