Puppy Training and Socialisation

At Wagging Wonders we offer Puppy Training Classes for puppies up to 6 months old. As part of these courses we will guide you to help you so your puppy becomes a well trained, well rounded confident adult dog.

As well as offering Puppy Classes we do offer Puppy 121 consults too and can tailor to the puppy where required. We believe puppyhood is to be enjoyed and also the ideal time to form a relationship with your dog and to help prevent behaviour problems from occuring, meaning a life time of fun for you and your dog!

This is why along with offering Puppy Classes we have two pages dedicated to training tips and socialisation on our site, do take a look and give your puppy the ideal headstart!

Did you know puppies who attend proffessional training classes before 6 months old will be less likely to develop behaviour problems?