Puppy Classes

We offer Puppy Classes for dogs under 6 months.

As with everything Wagging Wonders Lincoln offers, the classes are positive and reward-based.  Run by an experienced and qualified trainer and dog behaviour expert.

The main reason that dogs are surrendered to rescues is due to behavioural issues.

To ensure that your dog has the best start in life it is important that you enroll your dog in a good dog training class the provides your dog AND you the skills needed to go forward and enjoy the life you will have with your new furry friend.

Wagging Wonders uses positive coaching for you and your dog. Using motivational training to give clear communication between dog and owner.

Our classes are intended to teach your dogs to be able to calm, socialise and learn essential life skills. We cover:

-Key concepts. Calmness. Confidence. Focus.
-Basic Commands. Sit. Down. Touch.
-Lead manners. Walking politely onlead & greeting dogs and people politely.
-Impulse control exercises. Stay, Leave it.
-An insight into canine body language, teaching you how to speak dog!

As well as ensuring your dog is having a good positive experience. Having a good relationship and bond with your dog is the key to a long and happy life of adventures between you and your dog.

The classes are limited to just 4 dogs per class. This means you and your dog get the attention you need and deserve. It also adheres to current social distancing and space under government guidelines.

This includes the addition of detailed information sheets, support and access to our private members only facebook group.

Classes book up roughly 1 month in advance in general, so keep your eyes peeled to secure your place. Email waggingwonderslincoln@Gmail.com to book. 

Due to lockdown announced in JANUARY 2021 all in person puppy classes can NOT go ahead.

Puppies still need training while they are young, it is vital to their behavioural wellness so do be sure to check out our online options available including 121 video calls and online group classes. 

Preventing problems from occurring at the start, is easier than to fix them later.
email waggingwonderslincoln@gmail.com to learn more.


Sunday, February 14th, 2pm-3pm . £70 for 6 weeks . MAX 4 places to ensure all owners get attention.
Held LIVE over zoom, with you and your dogs training along with me. 

Saturday, March 6th, 11am-12pm. £70 for 6 weeks.
MAX 4 places to ensure all owners get attention.
Held LIVE over zoom, with you and your dogs training along with me. 


Please contact to book a place via the following: