121 Behaviour and Training Consults

Wagging Wonders Lincoln is proud to use Motivational dog training that consists of positive coaching of you and your dog to create clear communication. 

Wagging Wonders does not train using old fashioned techniques, physical punishment or aversives.

Training at a safe secure training field

Our 121 Behaviour & Training Consultations are generally carried out at Mystars Grooming Private Hire Field (Near Saxilby) unless issues are related to being in the home.  

These sessions are ideal for working on:

-Reactivity or aggression to dogs
-Reactivity to aggression to people
-Lead Manners and Focus
-Puppy Foundations

Due to the nuetral location these sessions are perfect for working with reactive and aggressive related behaviours. The field is in a quiet location and so you have no worries of other people or dogs intefering while your dog is being assessed and you and your dog learn new skills to help you both.

Your dogs behaviour will be assessed and we will come up with a training plan to suit you and your dog to address their behaviour issues using reward based training methods. Included in the price is a written version of everything we have covered and long term support. Follow up sessions are often required, as behavioural change takes time and a positive team working towards clear goals.

A wider look at your dogs general behaviour will be taken. This may seem unrelated to the issues you are having however information such as diet, history, relationship with yourself and other dogs in the family and much more ensure that a true picture of what is going on for your dog is gained. Having a full picture gives the best training plan available.

A private consult will generally be 1 hour long. We ask alot of the questions beforehand via our questionnaire, then we can get straight onto work within the sessions. The initial session is priced at £60 an hour, for follow ups (which are likely with the majority of behaviour consult cases, timed to suit you and your dog) they are priced at £40 an hour.

Email: waggingwonderslincoln@gmail.com to discuss options for your dog.

Online Consultations

Video conference calls are an ideal way to work with you and your dog on in home issues if n home is not an option, or due to price. Video calls are scheduled at a time and date to suit you and we will chat and train in the same manner as we would in person.

They are convenient and easy to carry out, particularly during the current climate where in home consultations are not available .

They are considerably cheaperat £25 per session.

They may be ideal for a busy person or someone shielding.


Email: waggingwonderslincoln@gmail.com to discuss options for your dog.

Please see ONLINE sessions, or Training field sessions

Alongside the training sessions held at Mystars Grooming Private Hire Field, in home consultations are also available to certain areas of Lincoln.

In home consultations are ideal for dogs who may be suffering with the following issues:
-Separation Anxiety
-Reactivity to Visitors in the home
-Resource Guarding behaviours
-Very nervous dogs

Or Start Right Sessions for
-New Puppies in the family
-Recently adopted dogs (Such as ex street dogs)

A consultation would take place at your home at a pre agreed time and date we would discuss the behaviour problems your dog is having and observe them in their home environment. This is particularly helpful for issues which are only problematic in the home such as separation anxiety.

We would then come up with a plan to work on your dogs issues and begin work to help you and your dog. We would all act as a team to ensure that your dog AND you feel supported through working through any niggles. Following the training session detailed follow up notes would be emailed over within 1-2 working days.

In home consultations are ideal for recently adopted ex street dogs so we can get started on the right foot. It is often a scary world out there for ex street dogs, we can give them a headstart with a session to help them settle in and ensure they are building a strong trusting relationship with you and working on any fears they have at their pace so they don’t become more stressed in time.

These sessions are £100 for 1.5 hours in your home. With any in home follow ups priced at £45 an hour.

Where multiple sessions may be required package deals may be available.

At this time in home consults are only available to the following areas of Lincoln

-Uphill Lincoln
-Glebe Park
-Carlton Centre Area
-Bunkers Hill
-Allenby estate
-Monks Road area
-West Parade
-St Georges
-St Giles