Online Dog Training 121 Training

The Cornavirus outbreak this year has caused multiple lockdowns. This has made training in person during these times not possible.

Thankfully the corona virus outbreak has shown us what wonderful technology is at our fingertips, and it has allowed me to offer new and exciting training online via 121 or in group classes.

This is absolutely IDEAL for the new puppy or rescue dog owner! It allows you to discuss the problems you are having with your dog with me (Such as Nipping, house training, anxiety etc) and for me to work with you to get solutions to make you and your dogs life easier.

These sessions are perfect for dogs who may have resource guarding issues or separation anxiety issues also. In addition to being incredibly convenient for you and your dog, as you don’t have to leave your house or stress your dog with visitors, these online sessions are significantly cheaper than in person sessions!

All sessions include sheets and videos where appropriate.

The information here is for Online Consults, for Classes or puppy training please see those pages.

So how does this work?

I use the online platform “Zoom”.
This can be used as an app on your mobile or tablet. Or you can use the website or app on your laptop.

How do we set it up?

I setup a “meeting” on the platform, and send you a link to it. When you click on that link it’ll take you to the 121, you will be able to see and hear me, and I’ll be able to see and hear you.

What happens during one?

We will discuss the problems that you might be having with your dog. I might ask a few questions as we go to work out some of the finer details of what’s going on.

We will then discuss how we can address that, and where appropriate I will coach you with training your dog. I will usually have one of my own dogs with me to help me demo to you.

After the session

After the session I will email you a copy of what we covered in the session and any additional sheets or information you might find helpful. You then keep in touch and let me know when you might like to book a follow up.

What can we work on in a zoom 121?

Almost anything!
Here is a small list below with just a few ideas:

­čîčBarking at the window / Tv
­čîčPuppy Training
­čîčAnxiety about being touched / brushed
­čîčObsession with food / you eating
­čîčFear of noises
­čîčPuppy training and problem solving
­čîčPulling onlead
­čîčSeparation issues
­čîčIncreasing self control
­čîčReactivity – The ideal time to start the foundations we would usually cover in an inital consult

And much more!

So if your interested in booking a session, or know someone who is then get in touch.

For now these sessions are £25 (An in person 121 price starts at £60 an hour)

Recall training packages are also available NOW, these are brand new.

To discuss options for you and your dog, please email: