Meetings with Manners

Meetings with Manners are sessions for the Reactive/ Aggressive Dogs. These dogs may bark, lunge, growl or snap when other dogs or people are present. Generally, these are dogs that are either anxious, nervous or fearful of their trigger or on the flip side they are over excited and frustrated they cannot gain access to their trigger. With some excitable/frustrated dogs lacking social skills.

The Meetings with Manners sessions are held in a private field, by having them there we don’t run the risk of having dogs running at our reactive dogs or outside triggers disrupting their positive experiences. The sessions are 1 hour long and within this time we will work to keep dogs under threshold (not barking or reacting to the other dogs) by keeping them on a task or simply moving around at a distance to their triggers.

The aim of these sessions is simple, your dog will begin to build a bank of positive experiences around other dogs or people. Sometimes your dog will be mooching, sometimes they will be given a task such as walking over low poles on the ground, or agility jumps. We are adaptable and will work to the dogs at the sessions. These sessions are limited in spaces, this ensures that we are able to give the dogs attending the attention they need.

As well as helping your dogs to learn these sessions are great for dog owners too, owning a reactive dog can prove quite stressful and difficult to handle. All owners at these sessions are going through similar experiences for reactive dogs so won’t judge if your dog reacts at these sessions. Not only is it a relaxing session for your dog, but it should be for you too, allowing you and your dog to develop mutual trust in each other. This helps to increase your bond and this will only serve to reduce your dogs’ reactivity as they trust you rather than having negative experiences frequently which the daily walk can bring.

These sessions are only available for dogs who have undergone an assessment during a 121 Behaviour & Training Session. It’s vital we have as much information as possible regarding your reactive dog and have given you the necessary tools to be able to handle a Meetings with Manners session to ensure that your dog gets the most out of these sessions. It’s possible that your dog may need more than 1 x 121 sessions depending upon their levels of reactivity.