Life Skills for Reactivity

This 4 week training course takes you through different skills and aspects of owning and handling your own reactive dog.

This course is only for dogs who have undergone an initial 121 training session so that we can be sure that you and your dog are able to handle other dogs/people in the session.

This course is for dogs who are either reactive to people or dogs, though the skills involved are ideal for dogs who may be reactive to other triggers such as cyclists, joggers etc also.

The course covers:

-Addressing Reactivity. Management and Behaviour Modification.
-Management skills for the real world.
-How to handle tricky situations.
-Looking at the whole picture, how to build optimism and confidence in a reactive dog.

Each course is limited in spaces to just 3 dogs. Meaning dogs have enough space, and all dogs and owners get plenty of individual attention.

Our next course will be :

January 2019. Date TBC 

Some of our recent Life Skills for Reactivity Graduates

Please contact to book a 121 with view of this course via the following: