Junior Teen Classes

Classes for dogs between 6 months to 12 months.

As with everything Wagging Wonders Lincoln offers, the classes are positive and reward based.  Run by an experienced and qualified trainer. These classes are for those dogs at that awkward age between being a cute little puppy and an adult dog. That tearaway stage that makes you want to pull your hair out! This stage can be challenging for even the most experienced owners, so why not get your pup on track with these classes?

Our classes are intended to teach your dogs to be able to calm, socialise and learn essential life skills. We cover:
-Basic Commands. Sit. Down. Touch.
-Lead manners. Walking politely onlead & greeting dogs and people politely.
-That oh so important Recall
-Impulse control exercises. Stay, Leave it.
-An insight into canine body language, teaching you how to speak dog!

As well as ensuring your dog is having a good positive experience. Having a good relationship and bond with your dog is the key to a long and happy life of adventures between you and your dog.

Date: Saturday, March 24th
Time: 12pm-1pm
Location: Mystars Grooming Private Hire Field (LN1 2PQ, Near Saxilby)
Price: £65 for 6 weeks.
Age: 6 -12 months at beginning of the course.
Places: 4