Creating the Connection

As well as Puppy Classes and 121 sessions to address specific needs we also provide classes for adult dogs.

Our Creating the Connection classes are ideal if you have recently adopted a rescue dog, have an adult dog who missed out on puppy training or simply if your dog needs a brush up on the basics!

Our classes focus on reward-based training. This means that your dog learns without fear of punishment and that their good choices are rewarded. This is a great option for the recently rescued dog who may have missed out on training or even being around people or dogs.

These classes will ensure the dogs have the opportunity to be around people and dogs at their own pace. With the use of rewards and praise your dog will also begin to form a stronger connection with you which help any dog feel more secure and confident.

These classes are kept small so owners and dogs can get the attention they deserve, limited to only 4 places. The course is only 4 weeks covering :

Basic Obedience
Teaching your dog to greet people and dogs with manners
Loose Lead Walking

This course is held outdoors as some adult dogs, rescue dogs may have anxiety about being indoors and we are lucky enough to be able to hold our classes in a large Private Hire Field near Saxilby where the dogs can have space away from each other where they require.

This course is ideal to book along with our Reliable Recall course, meaning in 8 weeks of training, you can get leadwork, focus, basic commands and a recall around all manner of distractions!

Our next classes will be held:

Saturday 28th March 2020, 12pm.

The course is 4 weeks long for £50.

Contact us to book a place.


A few of our recent Creating the Connection Graduates!

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