Dog Training

Passionate about the welfare of dogs we only use methods that will not harm the relationship between yourself and your dog. Positive methods increase the bond you have with your dog as well as being the most effective and safe way to to train. Wagging Wonders dog training is primarily based upon Clicker Training. This is a reward based system that teaches your dog that they will be rewarded for making good choices and for performing behaviours on cue.
This allows us to modify behaviour while maintaining and even improving, the relationship between you and your dog. We will teach you and your dogs in a friendly and non judgemental manner. Sometimes mistakes cause our dogs to behave inappropriately, however, sometimes it just happens. We cannot dwell and the past but instead build solid foundations for a good positive future. We will work towards this with you.

Between us we have a large amount of experience with even the most reactive and nervous of dogs, with varying behavioural problems.

A note about Aversives…

We will not use physical corrections or pain of any kind will not be used in the name of training your dog.
Aversive methods, such as using a choke chain, water sprays, shock collars or physical corrections all have fallout. This means that although an aversive trainer may get results, you may encounter further behaviour problems down the line. This is because “old school” aversive methods punish your dogs for making choices that you deem bad or undesirable, your dog will become anxious to avoid corrections and will likely display more anxiety based problems that you had before.

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