Wagging Wonders Club

These sessions are for dogs who have previously worked with us through the following:
-Puppy Classes
-Adult Foundations
-Follow on
-121 Training (unrelated to reactivity)

These sessions are a great opportunity for your dogs to practice their training within the presence of other dogs and owners. Whether your dog is a bit over excited, or a bit anxious, or just needs to work on some training, it gives you and them the chance to work on this without worry. Practicing your lead work, polite greetings, sits, stays etc in the real world can be challenging, whereas these sessions are held in a large field with plenty of space to move around and other owners who understand.

These sessions are ideal for dogs who have anxiety, or lack confidence around other dogs as all dogs will be on the lead throughout and they do not have to worry about them bundling over. This will help to increase their confidence levels around other dogs.

There is no set structure to these sessions aside from letting each owner work on what they want, allowing more confident dogs to socialise and enjoy each others presence. It’s an opportunity to catch up and meet new friends and old.

These sessions are £6 and held twice a month.
2 dogs from the same household are £10 for the pair.

Please note-

Please do not approach other people’s dogs without permission. Some may be anxious and require space to settle in before this occurs.
Please bring a basic flat lead- ie please do NOT bring a retractable or flexi lead.