Club Training

At Wagging Wonders we emphasise the idea that training is ongoing. The more time you put in- the more you get out. Training never ends for your dogs, so Wagging Wonders offers ongoing training for you dog. We know scheduling can be difficult too, so these sessions are not requiring bulk booking currently. This means you can attend when it suits your scheduling.

Wagging Wonders offers two types of club sessions. Puppy club & Grown Up Club! Both are offered on a weekend at Mystars Grooming Training Field Near Saxilby, LN1 2PQ.

Puppy Club

Puppy Club is for pups who have completed an in person puppy training course, or equivalent with Wagging Wonders. This is for pups under 9 months old. This will focus on confidence building, focus and problem solving. By dividing up the ages, we can cater to more common needs in each club. Puppy Club is £10 per session, max of 5 dogs.

Coming Up – October
Saturday, October 3rd at 1pm
Saturday, October 10th at 1pm
Saturday, October 17th at 1pm
Saturday, October 24th at 1pm

Grown Up Club

Grown up Club is for dogs 9 months plus. We will be covering more advanced concepts of self control, recall around distractions, as well as common problems and confidence building. This is also £10 per session, max of 5 dogs per class.

Coming up – October

Saturday, October 3rd at 12pm
Saturday, October 10th at 12pm
Saturday, October 17th at 12pm
Saturday, October 24th at 12pm