About my Dogs

Marley – Whippet

Marley was the inspiration for my journey into dog behaviour and training. He was from a breeder at 9 months old and had never been taken out of the kennel and socialised. 

Marley is now 8 years old. He is a much different dog to the wildly reactive dog who would once try and slip his lead and lunge at people and dogs on every walk. He can now see other dogs, socialised when introduced carefully and has overcome many issues including resource guarding and fighting with Ollie when he arrived.

In the last 2 years Marley has been diagnosed with both Epilepsy and Cervical Disc Disease. Both have had an impact on his behaviour and increased my knowledge on managing a dog with both medical and behavioural issues. 

Marley is a unique and challenging dog, but he is one in a million!

Marley just loves his photo taken!

Ollie – Whippet

Ollie is 10 years old, we adopted him from his last owner when he was 4 years old. Ollie came with a little baggage and didn;t hugely enjoy being handled or walking much (He was hugely overweight!)

It didn’t take Ollie long to settle in and he quickly became my shadow. Despite several fights with Marley, Ollie has always forgiven him and continues to be a real star.

For many years Ollie worked with our reactive dog customers, giving them confidence and helping them to learn they can trust new dogs. Ollie has recently retired from this role and is enjoying even MORE sleeping on the sofa!

Ollie at 8 years old enjoying a walk in Lincoln Arboretum

Womble – Jack Russell Terrier x Corgi

Womble is now 13 years old, we adopted him from a poor situation when he was 8 years old. Womble is the living epitome of terrier spirit- and well, he certainly has taught me all about terriers!

Womble is a frustrated greeter onlead, so can be reactive. He continues to improve and loves to play training games as well as remaining young playing with Marley and Arthur!

Womble loves to learn new tricks!

Arthur – Whippet

Arthur is almost 2 years old, and what a roller coaster it has been! Arthur was bought from a breeder at 12 weeks old and slotted into life with the others quickly, he is particularly close to Womble!

Arthur has been a real big challenge, as he hasn’t been hugely motivated by food or toys as well as suffering with separation anxiety (Yes…despite living with 3 other dogs he developed separation anxiety, big myth buster right there!) 

Arthur is a cracking little dog, full of character and charm. I am looking forward to many adventures with him!

Arthur’s radar ear on alert!

Social Media

I believe it is important to show the kind of training I do in my spare time with my dogs. It gives you a good idea of training techniques I use and how I can help YOU with your dogs. So below are links to pages where you can see what we get up to!

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