Welcome to Wagging Wonders Lincoln

Wagging Wonders Lincoln offers dog training & dog behaviour services.
Utilizing modern, positive, force free and reward based training methods to help make you and your dogs life much easier! 

We offer:
-Online Training Consultations and Classes
-Puppy Classes
-Creating the Connection (Basic training classes for adult dogs)
-Reliable Recall Course
-Life Skills for Reactivity
-Meetings with Manners
-121 training for dogs and owners who need a little more than classes can provide.

Dog Training should be about increasing the relationship between dog and owner and learning to read the behaviour of dogs so we can solve behaviour problems or prevent them from occurring in the future. It is important for a trainer to have both practical and theoretical experience for working with people’s much loved dogs.

Proactive positive training is important. As an owner of reactive dogs, I understand the importance of training to be practical to fit into our modern everyday busy lives better than most! Having this experience means I have a unique insight into the problems you are having and can work WITH you to come up with a solution to the problems you are having.

Working with a dog whether a puppy or with deeper issues requires teamwork and an understanding of what the dogs AND the owners’ needs are. I am lucky to live with 3 Whippets and a Jack Russell Terrier mix, all breeds who are less inclined to work with us just for sake of it! So you can be assured that we will work with any breed with no discrimination.

Whether it is a teeny tiny Chihuahua or a Gigantic Great Dane, we are used to all! We love to work with breeds who are sadly misunderstood such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, German Shepherd Dogs and Jack Russell Terriers! We work with ANY age & ANY breed and believe that they all deserve the chance of being worked with to help them reach their full potential!

Whatever the issues, if its fear aggression, chewing, nipping or having no recall, we can help! 
We provide a variety of Classes as well as 121 Training to help with your needs. Can’t see something you are looking for? Please get in touch!
Contact us to book a session or discuss the problem you are having.

Email: waggingwonderslincoln@gmail.com
Call: 07516470715